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Annual Events at Yzerfontein Boat Club

Yzerfontein Snoek Classic

Yzerfontein is known all year round for its Snoek catches and the annual Snoek Classic is our club’s primary event normally held over two days during middle December. It has grown to be a popular, fun filled event and has attracted well over 300 participants in the past. Total prizes at the 2015 event exceeded R300 000 in value!

Yzerfontein Tuna Offshore Competition

This competition is held at the end of April/beginning May and boats run out to the deep some 40NM off-shore in search of tuna. Unfortunately this competition tends to be somewhat restrictive as it only accommodates the larger boats which are certified to run this far out to sea. We are very excited to see what the future holds for this competition.

Yzerfontein Yellowtail Challenge

In 2015 this competition attracted 99 boats and over 350 anglers. Yellowtail are abundant around Dassen Island and huge shoals visit our shores, especially during late winter and spring. YBC and Seaport Supply have entered into a long term agreement to host this event annually with a substantial CASH PRIZE for the heaviest yellowtail of the day.